Efficient Money Management

When it comes to money, there are 3 major hurdles, the first of which is GETTING OUT OF DEBT! Be honest: even if you think you’d be happier starting with the second or third hurdle (see below,) you know it can’t happen if you have debt. Debt has been called “the silent killer of our hopes and dreams,” and that includes the dream of accumulating wealth. You see, until you plug up the interest hole in your bucket, your bucket won’t get full. It can’t. It’s just impossible.

For instance, I recently helped a family with 10 maxed out credit cards, 3 personal loans to family members, and a $209K mortgage that has 26 years to go. (Sound familiar?) They are now on a path to a debt-free financial future in just under 10 years. No refi. No bankruptcy. No debt rolldown. And it’s going to be good for their credit score. Sound too good to be true? How about too good to pass up!

Second in line is ACCUMULATING WEALTH, and third is RETIRING — without having to take that greeter job at the local big box superstore. Of course, the traditional path for these items can include options that expose your hard-earned capital to risk of loss. Bear in mind that there are alternatives. We can help you to explore such. Yes, there really are alternatives that allow you to sleep soundly at night, knowing you not only won’t lose your principle, but you’ll grow it. Let’s talk!

Give us a call. We can help.


Posted September 24, 2010 by khollandsblog

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